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Headlight Restoration Cleaner and Plastic Lens Restorer

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Our Headlight Cleaner is
the best bang for yer buck! 

Uncle Pooter with jug of Headlight Sauce

Headlight Restoration has become way too complex and expensive lately, but Uncle Pooter has simplified it AND priced it to fit your budget!  Rub on, Rub in, Rinse off.
And most under 10 Bucks with FREE Shipping!!!

See our 
Videos on our "About Us" page to see  our Headlight Cleaner being used on several different vehicles.

You're probably here for one thing: how to clean your headlights.

You've seen the commercials out there from the big guys using scare tactics as a marketing ploy.  They sell their headlight restoration kits complete with sandpaper, tape, rags, and sometimes even a buffer!  They make it look complicated, expensive and time consuming, 

Quite the approach...not too original though.

Headlight Cleaner
We don't play that way.  We here at Uncle Pooter's just know YOU, as a consumer, just want to keep your car looking newer, or are trying to sell it, or just keep it looking as best it can until you can find a trade-in. 
Therefore, we don't use scare tactics; we keep it straight up & straightforward and keep our prices low!
We sell our headlight cleaner most for under 10 bucks and include shipping!
In most cases, you don't need a complete headlight restoration kit!
All ya need is the power of Pooters!

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Our Blue Bullet bottle 
has joined us with a power-packing  4-oz bottle of headlight cleaner effective enough to restore the headlights of 4 or 5 vehicles!  As we like to say, "It takes aim at your old, faded headlights."  "Give it a shot!" If you're looking for the most unusual but perfect gift, look no further!  Uncle Pooter's Headlight Sauce is sure to bring a smile to anyone when they open it up!  Even Birthdays!  Heck, pretty much any gift giving event can be an occasion for Uncle Pooters!  With free shipping, just enter the address where you want it sent and it's THERE!  PRONTO!    

 Headlight Restoration Blue Bullet Series


 Uncle Pooter's Headlight Sauce is a DIY headlight cleaner and auto headlamp lens restorer which is MADE for Headlight Restoration!  It safely and effectively removes surface oxidation that has built up over time. 
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We also sell our headlight restoration formula for about the same price on Ebay, and have had many positive reviews!  (see below!)


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Watch any or all of our Uncle Pooters headlight cleaning videos on our About Us page to see for yourself!
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Our Headlight cleaner works great on:
• Honda • Saturn • Mitsubishi • Chrysler • Chevrolet
• Hyundai • Subaru • Mazda • Ford • Toyota • Geo
• Oldsmobile • GMC • Pontiac • Nissan • Plymouth
• Infiniti • Lexus • Kia • Suzuki

and many others with plastic headlights!

Would you like the opportunity to use Uncle Pooter's in YOUR place of business?  Check out our Wholesale Headlight Cleaner available in cases of 24, 30 or 40 in "
Uncle Pooters Shop" for your store, Auto Detailing Business, Car Wash or Used Car Dealership!  These can be privately labeled with YOUR logo and ready to go...check out our headlight restoration formula for yourself!
 ...we just may be cheaper than what you're paying now!

Restoration information on cleaning headlights & plastic lenses:

Myths & FACTS:

• Headlight restoration is easy. Don't let the big guys like Maguires, Fastbrite & 3m fool ya.

• Headlight restoration is expensive!
Headlight cleaner is sold by the big guys for big prices!!
Yes, auto detailers will ask for an arm, leg & your first-born, but, for just pennies on the dollar, you can restore your headlights YOURSELF with Uncle Pooters!
Just watch a few of our 
Videos on our About Us page to see how simple DIY Headlight Restoration can be!

Cleaning your headlights can take as little as 5 minutes with Uncle Pooters so do it yourself and SAVE MONEY!

Automotive Detailing Shops will charge you BIG BUCKS to repair your headlights.  In fact, many of them buy headlight cleaner and plastic lens restorer in bulk or wholesale and do just what you can do for under 10 bucks.
Here's the deal:

Basically, your headlights have become hazy, oxidized and yellowed. Over the years headlamps FILM OVER; much like a bathtub that has accumulated lime or hard water. Lime cleaners or rust removers will take care of that.

We notice through our SALES MAP that Uncle Pooter's is purchased mostly by people that live near the coast.  This suggests that salt water & salt air may be a heavily-contributing factor towards your hazy headlights!  Salt hardens after it dries, and leaves a nasty hard residue on your headlights that car washes just won't wash off.

Uncle Pooter's Headlight Sauce is designed for headlights! We use 6 unique ingredients in our formula which are mixed & blended right here in the U.S.A.
Our Headlight Cleaner takes off the oxidation that has built up with oxidizers and has mild abrasives and cleaners that won't damage your headlights.
Here's the breakdown: Hazy, dull and yellowed headlights are a result of dail
y driving in every kind of condition imaginable. Headlights with plastic lenses are the first point of contact with everything you drive into, and they aren't protected with a clearcoat paint finish like the rest of your vehicle; therefore, they become faded and yellowed. Especially plastic lenses! They acquire microscopic scratches and miniature pits on their surface. These tiny anomalies that form are oxidized with air pollution, acid rain, dirt etc. You can not only see it, but you can run your finger across and feel it. You need a powerful headlight cleaner and plastic lens restorer that can cut through all of that oxidation.  Uncle Pooters is just the solution!
Auto Detailing shops are expensive, not to mention replacing your headlights altogether!  For spending under 10 bucks, and a few minutes of your time, you can bring some life back into your vehicle and feel better when driving around town.
Also makes a unique gift idea!)
Hey!  did I mention we have FREE SHIPPING!  (in the U.S.)


Did you also know...that Uncle Pooter's DIY Headlight Restoration will restore other types of vehicles equipped with emergency flashers? Fleet vehicles such as fire trucks, police cars, tow trucks, semi trucks and trailers with marker lights (a.k.a. "chicken lights") and even taxi cab signs can be revitalized by using Uncle Pooter's Headlight Sauce™! These are plastic lenses, and take the same abuse of daily driving!

Check out our About Us page,
"Git ya some at our 
Online Store & give it a try!

Thank you for your business!

...Uncle Pooter's Headlight Sauce -
Making the world a brighter place one headlight at a time.

  "It's cheap, an' It Works!"    -Uncle Pooter" 

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